My name is Leon Ash. I was born in Poland in 1931, but have lived in the U.S. from the time I turned 8.
I've worked in and for the military all of my adult life, twelve years in the Air Force, and then 32 years as a civilian equipment technician, employed by the Army, specializing in tires and diesel engines, writing maintenance manuals, selecting repair parts, and investigating equipment failures.
Since I can ever remember, I have been collecting things. At first it was postage stamps, then coins, and now I have taken up bottle crown caps.
I started this collection in July 2006, and I have decided to limit my collection to undamaged beer caps from the US, Canada and Mexico only, in order to make the collection manageable. However, I also have non-beer caps in my sets and series
I have put both beer and non-beer caps in my trading stock in order to provide them to traders who collect them. Click onto the Trade button on the home page to see all caps available for trading.

My email is :ash.leon@yahoo.com